Mar 222014


Every time I come to do something on recording Dad’s work, I’m blown away by how he managed to create what he did, with the limited time and resources he had – in so many different media.

Today, I wanted to get something started for the Sculpture section, so I began by making a new visual template for this section with a new background image at the top of the page. I’ve  fashioned this from the photograph above,  judiciously placing it and fading areas to allow the handwritten text which appears on all the banners, to show clearly.I took this photograph when I visited Devon, in Dad’s studio in Lime Grove, Bideford on 10th June, 2011, which was 6 months before he passed away. Oh how I wish we’d taken more photos here, and of Dad working in situ!  This shows a carved abstract figure to the left (most of the woodcarvings are abstract figures of one kind or another, at a similar scale). The rather lovely piece on the right, is made from two separate pieces of painted wood, positioned on a block of mahogany, but which has not yet been affixed to it.

woodcarving1_cFor the Sculpture gallery on the website, because of the three dimensional nature of the work, there was more to do  to show the different views of the pieces. I’ve started that section with one woodcarving, which I’ve photographed in the round, from four points of view. If you click on the small images to the right of the main picture, these navigate to other pages with larger details of those,  such as this one.

These web pages are rather complex in the making, with the need to be absolutely consistent with file names, sizes, website page templates and pages, if one isn’t to get in a complete mess at the back end of this stuff.  I’m happy with the result, and its set the pattern and process for more pages too – its a satisfying aha! moment, when the visual result comes together, making the tedious and complex management of the information in the background worthwhile.