Graham Kingsley Brown, Artist and Poet, 1932 - 2011

Graham Kingsley Brown - Artist & Poet, 1932 - 2011 - An online retrospective

Graham Kingsley Brown carving

Graham woodcarving in his studio in Bideford, North Devon, holding one of his sculptures called "Lovebirds". See About Graham K Brown for a biography.

Welcome to the showcase of work by Graham Kingsley Brown, who was born in East Riding of Yorkshire, and lived (for the latter part of his life) in North Devon, England. Most of his artistic output has never been exhibited, some is in private collections. Graham was a unique individual, wholly self-taught, and producing works entirely from his prodigious imagination and skill in painting, drawing, sculpture - and poetry.

Curator's Diary

Visit the Curator's Diary for a blog to read features and articles by Graham's daughter Sophie.

Latest article: "Art flying off the shelves - in Dad's Own County".


New woodcarvings are now available to view in the Sculpture Gallery, including the rare painted woodcarvings in Gallery 4.

Works at Auction
Following the success of the Studio Sale in September, a further consignment was made available at David Duggleby Auctioneers Winter Art Sale Vine Salerooms in Scarborough,Yorkshire.

Painting: A rare figurative painting "The End of Summer". A unique nude in Graham's work - most of Graham's figurative pieces are confined to woodcarvings, SOLD at Auction 16th Sept 2022. All the paintings and drawings from the Studio Sale on 16th Sept are shown below, along with those pieces at the Winter Art Sale on 25th Nov 2022.

Handwritten Excerpt from writings: "109 Partial Truths".Image

The end of Summer

Auction Studio Sale Graham Kingsley Brown 16th Sept 2022

Auction Graham Kingsley Brown 25th November 2022

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Graham Kingsley Brown Artist

The Woodcarver

"Leaf and branch and bark and root
Do not entirely constitute
The excellence of God's design;
The wilderness within the shrine;
Until the carver breaks the seal,
And, with his wand of shining steel,
From the seasoned flesh and tree
Conjures the Human Comedy." GKB

Graham's Oeuvre

Click on "About Graham K. Brown" for a biography, and "Curator's Diary" for our blog.

For 2 dimensional paintings and drawings in acrylic, oil, collage, pen and ink etc see: "Paintings", "Cut outs" "Drawings". Click on "Abstract Studies" to see a sample gallery of abstract surreal drawings, produced during the years 1992 - 1996 - These drawings have never been shown before.

A selection of painted objects, including tiles, breadboards, stones and furniture is illustrated here, "Painted Tiles" "Objets d'Art"

For 3 dimensional sculpture, woodcarvings, see: "Sculpture".

And for Graphic design: an additional category "Design"shows poster and leaflet designs for a community environmental programme Graham produced over a couple of years.

And for poetry, which includes a few readings and texts see "Poetry and Prose".

Graham Kingsley Brown carving

Graham (the youngest) with his 2 brothers - Gordon (left), Raymond (the eldest, right), 1990's. They also had a sister, Phyllis Prudom, not shown.

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