May 072013
"Lovebirds" signed on base, dated year 2000.

“Lovebirds” signed on base, dated year 2000.

One category of work which we have, is a series of more than 30 woodcarvings, all under about 35cm high. This carving, called “Lovebirds” is currently journeying back to Devon, carefully looked after in transit, I hope, by Royal Mail! It’s the anniversary of Graham and Elizabeth’s wedding on May 9th, so it seemed a lovely serendipitous thing, having unwrapped this piece the other day, to send it to Mum for the anniversary (duly photographed for the record). I hope she enjoys having it with her again.

It’s not a particularly typical carving: most of them are abstract figurative pieces in wood, sometimes coloured to look like metal, sometimes painted. I think they are really maquettes for large imagined pieces, but resources, space and time have limited their manifestation. I recall Dad telling me (around 2010) that he could envisage one of the coloured wooden carvings enlarged, about 10m high or more, inhabiting an outdoor space – somewhere like…Bideford Quayside.