May 032013

Taurus Birthday Month

3rd May, Graham’s (Taurean) birthday, in 1932, remembered.

In going through a box of things today, I happened across this picture. This curious egyptian-style handpainted piece came from a second hand shop in Bideford, and Dad enjoyed having it on his wall.

Mum (Elizabeth) was an avid astrologer, so we were always aware of how astrology had something to say about who we were, and why things were the way they were, or would be.  Yes, Dad did display many typically taurean characteristics, and also painted images with bulls in – either inspired by his astrological namesake – or more likely – by Picasso, one of his artistic heros.

These days, I’m more interested  in personality profiling, such as the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, so my own Piscean traits have happily melded in my mind to the more accurate  INFP type.

When I consider Dad’s personality in the light of what I know about MBTI (my partner Adrian is a qualified practitioner), I would say Dad was undoubtedly an NFP – an “ideal seeker”, and possibly an “I”  too. Or maybe an “E” who never realised he was. Perhaps other members of the family have an opinion on that too.